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Variances, Waivers, and Notifications 
DWR > Ground Water > Well Contractor Licensing (BOE) > Variances, Waivers, and Notifications
Well Construction Variances

Requests for Well Construction Variances can be made by filling in the AskDWR Variance Request PageBe sure to attach your detailed variance request and a diagram.  Please provide attachments in PDF Format.  Please note all variances must be connected to a licensed contractor or private driller/private pump installer.


Geophysical Log Waivers

Please be sure your Request for Geophysical Log Waiver includes the following information

  • Well Owner:
  • Permit Number:
  • Production Aquifer:
  • Anticipated Depth:
  • Shallow-Most Aquifer or Existing Geophysical Log:
  • Permit (or API) Number associated with existing Geophysical Log within 1320 Feet: 

Make your request by filling in the AskDWR Geophysical Log Waiver Request Page

If you have any questions regarding a Well Construction Variance or Geophysical Log Waiver, such as what information to include with your request, please contact:

Andy Flor - or (303) 866-3581 x8218

Kevin Donegan - or (303) 866-3581 x8221


Notifications to Well Inspection Team

If listed on the permit as a condition of approval, a well construction or pump installation contractor must provide advance notification to the State Engineer prior to constructing a well or installing a pump or cistern, pursuant to Rule  Any change in the anticipated date must be re-noticed.  The link below quickly allows contractors to provide this notification to the Well Inspection Team.

SEO Advance Notification Form 

Rule  A copy of the well permit must be available and posted at the well site at all times when a contractor is working on a new well or when performing any work that requires a well permit as specified in Rule 6.2.1.  All such work must comply with the conditions of approval of the valid well permit, including any applicable condition that the well construction or pump installation contractor provide advance notification to the State Engineer prior to constructing the well or installing the pump or cistern.  All work must be completed prior to the expiration of the permit. 

If you have any questions regarding advance notification, please contact:

Doug Stephenson - or (303) 866-3581 x8270