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Arkansas River Irrigation Improvement Rules 
DWR > Surface Water > Rulemaking & Advisory Groups > Arkansas River Irrigation Improvement Rules

On January 1, 2011, the Final Arkansas River Irrigation Improvement Rules (see below) went into effect, which includes a link to the Irrigation System Analysis Model (ISAM) components for calculating water budgets.  Please Sign Up! for the Irrigation Improvement Rules (Div 2) Notification List at your earliest convenience, to receive notification of a variety of information, including applications, decisions, requirements for additional information, requests for amendments, proceedings, and more...

You may now complete the Application for Approval. Please carefully read the Requirements letter before completing your application.  Some improvements may be eligible to be covered by one of the existing General Permits (at the end of Rules).  If so, you may submit the General Permit Notification Form 

Final Revisions to ISAM

DWR has posted final revisions and updates to the “Irrigation System Analysis Model” (ISAM_Version_17.xls, ISAM_Canal_Loss_v7.xls, and ISAM_Lateral_Loss_v7.xls).  The new versions of ISAM and a document detailing the revisions can be downloaded here.





Final Rules - Effective Since January 1, 2011