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Lake Hope in the San Miguel River Basin 
Mission of the Colorado Division of Water Resources

Vision for Success:

The Colorado Division of Water Resources strives to be a leader in the water community of Colorado and the western United States. This is accomplished by focusing on the following areas: people, water and stewardship. People, because we recognize that the business of water involves our employees and the public. Water, because the administration, safety and use of the State of Colorado's water resources is something we are committed to and care deeply about. Stewardship, because we understand and accept our obligation to the taxpayers and ourselves, in using and protecting the resources in the most effective manner possible.

Our Mission:

It is the mission of the Colorado Division of Water Resources to competently and dependably administer and distribute the waters of Colorado in accordance with the laws of this state, to ensure that dams and water wells are properly constructed to ensure public safety and to develop, maintain and provide access to accurate and timely information regarding water resources.  We will strive to fulfill our mission by exercising good stewardship of our human and fiscal resources, by assisting the public in the clarification of complex water issues and the generation of creative solutions to problems, and using modern technology to its greatest advantage while promoting the sustainability of the state’s limited water resources.

These Principle statements will guide our actions:

  • Treating each other and the public with dignity, respect, honesty and fairness.
  • Assuming personal responsibility for individual and organizational actions.
  • Fostering continuous improvement, innovative thought, learning and shared leadership.
  • Promoting an open and honest communication environment that builds trust, respect and loyalty among ourselves and the diverse community in which we live and work.
  • Recognizing our employees and the water community for the professional, competent services they provide.