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The Colorado Division of Water Resources provides a variety of documents and records, many of which are available to view online, save or print, free of charge. The DWR Records Department also provides public access to computer terminals for documents, data and records research. Paper and electronic copies may be purchased through the Division's Records Department, and costs are generally calculated on a per-copy basis. 

Please contact or visit our Records Research section for additional information on our publications and products.  See our A-Z index or Site Map as an alternative way to browse all of our online resources resources by Topic.


Publication and Media Guide

List of brochures, publications, and reports available in all formats.

Abandonment Lists

These abandonment lists show water rights that the Division Engineer has determined to have been abandoned in whole or in part. The abandonment process is done every ten years pursuant to Section 37-92-401 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Administration Reports

These Administration Reports show daily and monthly summaries of rivers and reservoirs in selected Divisions.

Compact Summaries

This document provides a summary of compacts and litigation governing Colorado’s use of interstate streams. Colorado is directly involved in one international treaty, two U.S. Supreme Court decrees, one interstate agreement, and nine interstate compacts. These summaries in no way are conclusive or all-encompassing, as each compact is a very complicated document.

Please visit our Interstate Compacts Page to see the actual compacts.

Brochures and Standards 

General brochures, informational pamphlets, guidance documents, links and other supporting documents to help the public better understand water, administration and DWR rules and policies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions reported through AskDWR with detailed responses from DWR experts.

Ground Water Levels

Annual reports of Ground Water Levels for the Denver Basin aquifer and other aquifers throughout the state.

Official Water Rights Tabulation

These tabulations show the current status of decreed water rights in order of seniority by major drainage basin. Official tabulations are generated every two years pursuant to Section 37-92-401 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Public Presentations

Presentations given to the public, including our yearly State Engineer Office (SEO) Forum presentations.

Published Stream Flows

This publication includes hydrology data which has been reviewed and corrected for accuracy by DWR’s Hydrography and Satellite Monitoring section. Each station report includes a station summary and daily flow values.

State Engineer's Office - Annual Report

This publication provides a yearly summary of the general activities dealt with by each division and section of DWR.

State Engineer's Office - Cumulative Yearly Statistics

This publication provides a yearly summary of surface water use, as well as ground water well applications and permitting activity.

Surface Water Supply Index (SWSI)

The Surface Water Supply Index (SWSI) developed by this office and the U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service is used as an indicator of mountain-based water supply conditions in the major river basins of the state.

Water Rights Terminology in Colorado

Explains and defines some common terms used in Colorado concerning water and water law.

Forms, Policies, and Guidelines


Complete listing of all user submittal forms; including, but not limited to forms for well permit applications, dam safety, and subdivision water supply plans.

Policies and Guidelines

DWR policies and instructional materials related to General Administration, Dam Safety, Ground Water, SWSPs, Well Permitting, Water Administration, specific basins, and other general topics of interest.

Rules and Regulations

DWR rules and regulations related to General Administration, Dam Safety, Ground Water Well Permitting, Water Administration, and specific basins.